How to Install Cisco VPN Client in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a super-fast and great looking operating system.It is more secure also.And we know Cisco VPN is most popular in accessing remote computer in a virtual private network.we tried   Cisco VPN client in windows machine but here we will see how to install Cisco VPN in ubuntu operating system.
Steps to install Cisco vpn in ubuntu :

1.Open terminal.ubuntu
2.Type the following command (internet connection required).
sudo apt-get install vpnc
[it will ask for user password give your user password of ubuntu]

3.Create a file of type <filename>.conf

4.Add the following entries in that conf file [these details can get from cisco vpn profile.pcf file]
IPSec gateway ——————–> Host in .pcf
IPSec ID <group name> —————————> GroupName
IPSec secret ——————–>enc_GroupPwd [it is encrypt, to decrypt the password use the following site :]
Xauth username ———————–>Username

5.Save the file as <filename>.conf in any local folder then, move the .conf file to /etc/vpnc/ or /etc/
sudo mv <filename>.conf /etc/vpnc/
6.Type the following command to start vpn
sudo vpnc vpn.conf
[ask password – enter user password of ubuntu]
its show like
VPNC started in background (pid: XXXX)…

7.To open the remote desktop type the following command in the terminal
rdesktop -a 24 -g<screen size in %> <ip address of the remote machine>
screen size in % eg : 90 to 98% disconnect the vpn,
sudo vpnc-disconnect
its show like,
Terminating vpnc daemon (pid: XXXX)

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