Closure Tools Improves JavaScript Performance

Closure Tools JavaScript

Creating and Maintaining Java Script Code and works across different browsers are one of the challenging tasks for web developers. Using Closure Tools  we can build rich internet web applications with java script. This tool includes Closure Compiler, Closure Library, Closure Templates and Closure Linter.

Closure Compiler

Closure Compiler is a Java Script optimizer it compiles JavaScript into Compact and High Performance code. It also removes the dead codes.

Closure Library

It is a cross browser modular Java Script library which is used in Google+.

Closure Templates

                          It is a small component that helps for creating User Interface. Closure Templates are implemented for Java and JavaScript. We can use same template for both client and server side.

Closure Linter                        

Closure Linter is nothing but a JavaScript script Style checker and style fixer.

Closure tools are used in Google+ to achieve better performance. This is one of the important technique used by Google+ team. Check here for more details.

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