Avoid Following Blogging Mistakes to Increase Blog Traffic

If you are not getting decent blog traffic for your blog then ensure that you might have done any of the following blogging mistakes. And try to correct if you already done. I composed this post based on my blogging experience. If I missed anything please share the same via your comments.

Increase Blog Traffic Avoid Following Blogging Mistakes

1.             Not choosing better Blogging platform.
2.             Writing Short Posts.
3.             Blog is not SEO Optimized or Heavy SEO.
4.             Copying other bloggers content.
5.             Not writing Unique and Informative Post.
6.             Not writing about upcoming or latest products.
7.             Not posting regularly.
8.             Duplicate Content Issue (within a blog or from other blog).
9.             Not having proper Robots.txt, sitemap files.
10.     Publishing a post without doing keyword research (Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool).
11.     Submitting blog to plenty of blog directories (Select some best blog directories and submit your blog).
12.     Displaying more ads even you are not getting decent traffic.
13.     Not spending enough time for Blog Post Composing.
14.     Not commenting and writing guest posts on related niche blogs.
15.     Not participating on Blog Communities, Forums and Question and Answer sites.
16.     Keep on changing blog themes or permalinks.
17.     Blog themes customization mistakes.
18.     Focusing on quantity instead quality.
19.     Implementing Black Hat SEO techniques.
20.     Failing to promote content.
21.     Using number plugins for blog.
22.     Not taking care of your blog content theft.
23.     Not replying to your blog comments.
24.     Cheap marketing tactics.
25.     Not taking care of Google Webmaster, Google Analytical Information s (Crawl Errors, Page loading and some more info).
26.     Not having good blog design and layout.
27.     Maintaing more blogs even you don t have enough time.
28.     Not properly utilizing Social Networking sites and YouTube.
29.      Not writing about your experience.
30.     Ignoring Other Search engines.
31.     Not Solving Google Webmaster Errors as soon as possible.
32.     Spelling and Grammar mistakes in your blog posts.
33.     Not using images or videos on blog posts.
34.      Writing for Search Engines not for reader.
35.     Choosing irrelevant title for blog post.
36.     Not taking care of your blog commenting system.
37.     Not linking your old blog posts.
38.     Always writing stories instead of enough required information.
39.     Not making Google Panda Friendly blog.
40.     Ignoring Back links tips, Increasing Page rank tips
41.     You are simply posting and not following about famous bloggers tips.
42.     Without analyzing properly simply activating plugin or implementing some seo tips.
43.     Ignoring header, canonical tags and anchor text.
44.     Not having proper Meta keyword, Meta Description for Post.
45.     Not properly handling broken links.
46.     Always thinking about money and ignoring blog quality.
47.     Not changing your blogging strategy according to google algorithm update.

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