ARM powered Laptop/Smart Book

Marvel released ARM Powered Notebook, It is very slim laptop measures 13 inches and is powered by an Armada 500 series central processing unit with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. The mini-notebook was running the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system. Price tag of this laptop cost between 200$ – 250$
Reasons for choosing ARM platform in Netbook/Tablets:

  • ARM chips cost less in magnitude (to license) compare to Intel equivalents
  • ARM chips take up less space on a motherboard
  • ARM chips uses less power, enabling much longer battery life and much sleeker design.
  • You won t need to virtualize Windows on these types of devices.

Disadvantages of ARM processor 

  • It is not binary compatible like x86 Processor , i.e  it will not support windows operating system
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