How to Optimize Flex Applications

flex                   Flex Applications are good in look and feel but you could see some performance issues if you haven’t wrote optimized flex code.Here we will see how to write better flex applications.I hope following steps really help you to optimize flex application.

1.Use Parsley Framework
Create your flex,flash and Air applications using parsley framework which is written in AS3.It has lot of useful features like Flexible IOC Container,Dependency Injection,Decoupled Binding,Message Frameworks,Integration with Flex Modules..etc.I hope these features really help you to write better flex application.
Check here How to use Parsley Framework.

2.Use Cairngorm Libraries
                                You can also try cairngorm libraries like Module library,task library,popup library check here for more flex cairngorm libraries.

3. Use Module Concept
Try ModuleLoader or ModuleManager helps you to split your application into several pieces, or modules.The main application, or shell, can dynamically load other modules that it requires, when it needs them.Splitting applications into small modules really give good performances.

4.Try RSL – Runtime Shared Libraries
RSL is a framework library which contains files required during runtime of flex applications.Check here for how to use rsl in flex.

5. Convert Common Classes into Single SWC File
    If Different Flex application or different SWF files are using common classes then create single SWC library file and use it(place it in flex build path).
                                                                      I hope Above Tips helps you to write better optimized flex applications.

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