How to Create SWC File Using Command Prompt and Flex Builder

flex       We knew SWC file is an archive file for flex components and assets.This library file basically contains SWF and catalog.xml file.Either we can create SWC using command prompt or Flex Builder here we will see both methods.

how to create swc file using command prompt

compc -source-path   /src
-include-classes classfilename
-output ../libraries/Yourlibfilename
Change source path according to your project directory.

Using Flex Builder

Go to File Menu ->Flex Library Project -> Enter Project Name(Lib Name)
then create your mxml or actionscripts files in src directory that’s all build your project.
It will create SWC file in bin directory.
                    I already written post about how to create SWF file in command prompt check that also to create swf file .

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