FIFA World Cup Final Winner: Paul Octopus Vs Singapore Mani Parrot

In FIFA World Cup matches Oracle Octopus and Mani parrot are making more news for media.

Paul Octopus predicted almost all the matches correctly but now there is a competition between octopus and mani parrot for who is predicting correctly in FIFA World Cup Final.

opus has predicted Spain is a winner for FIFA World Cup 2010 but Singapore mani has predicted Netherlands will win its first World Cup championship.

So now   people are also awaiting for Who will win FIFA World 2010 and who has predicted correctly.

octopus and parrot predictions have given new turning point to FIFA 2010.
Mani owner Muniyappan also confirmed about mani’s predictions are happening in lot of situations like forecasting future, lottery numbers, and when to get marriage.




Let’s see…
octopus  vs  paarot

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