Apple iPod Nano for Disability

Apple iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch  facility like the same technology that was used in   iPhone, iPad, and iPod with 8 GB and 16 GB Size
Size of the Nano has been reduced to its half the size and now it is even easier to play songs , all you have do is to  just a tap or swipe away to hear your favorite list.

Apple iPod Nano comes with multiple colors, so you grab your favorite iPod colors

Features of iPod Nano
You can just  tap to play anything you want to hear. Swipe the Home screen to browse your music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, or composers. You can also  rearrange the icons on your Home screen so your music is organized as you like
FM Radio
iPod Nano comes with FM Radio option. FM tuner shows the artist, song, or program you re listening to. Just tap to see the radio controls, flick the radio dial to change stations, and tap to change and set your favorites. iPod provides live pause for FM Radio and play option
iPod was designed so you can carry your nano  while  running, walking and workout.  You have to just  Clip it on and control your music with just a tap or swipe of a finger, so you can stay focused on your workout
Comes  with accessibility features that help people with disabilities enjoy music
Voice Over
Voice Over tells you the name of the song or artists you touched and then you can double-tap,drag or flick to control iPod. Nano speaks 29 languages
Mono Audio
Mono Audio features are designed for people whose hearing is limited in one ear. We have to turn on Mono Audio option to route audio into both earbuds so you can hear both channels in either ear
White on Black
User can change their display background. If  you prefer higher contrast, You can  change the display to white on black features and its applied to all the applications as well as Home Screen
Technical Specification
Size and weight

Height: 1.48 inches  
Width: 1.61 inches  
Depth: 0.35 inch
Weight: 0.74 ounce
Volume: 0.614 cu inch

1.54-inch (diagonal) color TFT display
240-by-240-pixel resolution
220 pixels per inch

8GB or 16GB flash drive2
8GB – $149
16GB – $179

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