2 Simple Ways to Integrate Dropbox into Your Web Applications



Cloud Storage services are most popular nowadays and most of the people rely on Dropbox to access their files from anywhere. Here we will see How to integrate the one of the popular Cloud Storage platform Dropbox into your web application.

Dropbox Website Integration

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Dropbox Chooser

                                               Instead of implementing a file browser or OAuth or server side APIs it is an easiest way to integrate Dropbox into your web applications. Using simple java script component (Dropbox Chooser) you can easily connect your web application with Dropbox. Using this component let your users choose a file from this cloud storage.

Asana  task management service is already using this tool for their application.


Another way to connect Dropbox with your web applications. Integration step is almost same like Dropbox chooser but it provides html widgets and JavaScript library.It is look like a file browser kind of UI which helps to connect. If you want quickly integrate FilePicker in your application then try html widgets or try JavaScript FileSystem API  which helps you to perform open, read, write, store and convert file operations.

We can also connect other cloud storage services like Google Drive and Box with the help of FilePicker.

If you want to know more about this then read our article about FilePicker.io. If you know some more ways please share via your comments.

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