Steps to Create and Setup User Responsiblity in Oracle 11i

User Responsibility Oracle Apps

Create Responsibility  and User
1. General Ledger Responsibility Definition
      1.1. Log in as System Administrator responsibility.
      1.2. Open the Responsibility window.
      Sys Admin: Security  > Responsibility > Define       1.3. Accept the defaults for all other fields

Note: As we have assigned GL_SUPERUSER menu to our XX General Ledger responsibility so to which user this responsibility will be assigned that user will be General Ledger Super User. Through out this document we will use single user name XX USER and will assign all responsibilities to this user. So user XX USER will be super user of all modules.

2. Defining a New User and attach with the responsibility
       2.1. Open the User window from the System administrator responsibility.
    Sys Admin: Security > User > Define

2.3. Accept the default values for all other fields
Then Log out from the Applications and then sign In from your User ID

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