Fix for One more step to access website Cloudflare

Last Week I have enabled Cloudflare with my dreamhost server.Today When I was open my blog I saw a webpage with CAPTCHA  that saying  one more step to access  ‘my  blog name  URL’ it was a Access Denied Page.Initially i thought someone has hacked my blog but after entering CAPTCHA i went to my blog homepage.

After Google it I confirmed that it was not a problem this is related to  Cloudflare  setting.After the following fix now blog is working as expected.

Step 1.Login into your  Cloudflare  Account.

Ste 2: Goto Threat Control.In Add Custom rule text field enter your system IP Address then press Trust Button.

That’s All.Check now above issue will be gone.Still if you have any doubt please share the same via your comments.

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This is Mohan Jayapalan author of TechPages Blog.I am a part time blogger and Currently working for private Software Concern.


  1. kalyan says:

    nice post and good tip but the problem is many of my visitors see this message and it’s very problematic for them since many of them even know what cloudflare is and they will be least bothered to view my site and they will just go away.. i am in doubt how to fix this.. it’s not about my own computer it’s about general visitors.. any idea how to fix this?

    One request, if you visit my site, can you see that nasty message? can you please confirm this. the website is my at my email id

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