Top 20 Richest Indians in the world

  India to witness the world of its growth by the billionaires  count, as usual super rich people are increasing their wealth, it is estimated that top 10 richest indians […]

World Undersea Internet Cables Maps

Recently there was info published by Wikipedia that the usage of internet and voice call is 99% percent carried through undersea cables and rest 1% is through Satellite links. Internet […]

Watch Amazing Music Video:500 People into a Flipbook[Video]

Below video is really interesting and unique music video.It was created by Eran Amir with the help of 500 people. Did you find two music videos?

Indian Railway Banned Agents Booking E-ticket

Indian Railway has banned agents  from booking E-Tickets. What is the reason for this sudden reaction is ?…. Indian Railway Ticket Booking Agents Banned Indian Railway with the help of […]

Dial 1965 for 2011 assembly elections violations and discrepancies

5 States of India falls under 2011 Indian assembly elections  poll are TamilNadu, West Bengal, Kerala and Pondicherry. It starts on 04th April 2011  and end at 13th May 2011, […]

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