Understand Everything about Google Panda Update and Penguin Updates

Last year most of the blogs or sites traffic were dropped because of few Google Panda Update.We know intention of google panda is to display high quality sites in top of the google search results and lower the low quality sites.Most of the bloggers are already working how to recover dropped blog traffic again.
Bloggers who are all earning money from their blogs,they really like to know everything about How to make Google search engine friendly blogs or sites?.If you don’t know more about google panda then check the following infographic it explains in plain english.
We need to make changes in following area to recover your old traffic.
1.Remove low quality and duplicate Content.

2.Reduce Bounce Rate.

3.Reduce Advertisements.

4.Your blog post content and title should match.

5.Aim for Quality not Quantity.

6.Work on proper link building.

7.Promote your blog post with Facebook,Twitter.

Link building is one of the important aspect we need to consider so I made few changes after panda updates.I removed bad links from spam blogspot blogs.Yes I filed DMCA against that blog.Check the post explains How to file DMCA   against Blogspot spam blog.I also decreased blog loading time for my blog.And Recent 2012 February Google PageRank update My blog PageRank has been changed from Page rank 1 to PageRank 2.

Google Penguin Update

Most of the blogs traffic are affected due to recent google penguin updates.Affected bloggers are thinking that losing blog traffic is due to this updates. Of Course it might be the case for most of the bloggers but not for all.

Bloggers who are all losing traffic started submitting reconsideration request to google. Even I did the same but I advice is before submitting the reconsideration request you need to ensure that traffic loss is due to recent google algorithm updates because there are changes in different major things have impacted your traffic. You can check whether blog is affected by google algorithm updates or not using tools like google analytic or panguin tool.

I wrote reconsideration request to google webmaster team using this link.

After three days I got a reply from them. And they are saying

reconsideration request

From the above image I hope you understand that algorithm changes not affected my traffic so suddenly losing blog traffic is not only due to algorithm change it might be one of the following recent major changes like

1.Server problem – Server performance.

2.Permalink changes – Recent Changes made in permalink structures.

3.Crawl errors, Indexing Problems – Sitemaps are most important for every blog because search engine

will index content based on sitemap urls so ensure that your blog is generating sitemaps properly. Robots.txt file also most

important for blog because it controls which files search engines shouldn’t index so optimize your robots.txt file.

4.Site content – Low Quality or Season based Articles(post will perform well for particular period of time).

5.SEO Settings – Changes made in seo configurations.Think about recent changes done in seo settings.

Also don’t forget to check the post about Avoid Blogging mistakes increase blog traffic


Before submitting reconsideration request ensures that you don t have above problems on your blog.

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