Solution for Blogger to WordPress Migration Problems

I hope this post will be useful for bloggers who is migrating their blog from blogger to wordpress platform.Due to some reasons recently i moved my blog to wordpress platform.And I already written post about why bloggers are moving from blogger to wordpress platform.

blogword Here I would like to tell you the common problems occurred during blogger to wordpress migration.I followed the procedure which is suggested by labnol.If you follow this procedure i think you won’t get any problems like losing page rank,google traffic,readers because i didn’t loose google rank,traffic,readers.still if you did any mistakes during migration time this post help you solve those kind of   problem.

1.Wordpress blog url problem

Before you are going migrate ensure that you have correct wordpress blog url it shouldn’t be like before you are going to import all blogger post   into wordpress ensure that you have done correct DNS settings.Once you got proper url then only you should import all blogger posts otherwise your wordpress homepage will be ok rest of the post title url will be something like below. title


then all your post will get 404 error.
You can solve this problem without writing queries(database updation) also
Connect ftp and go to root of the self hosted blog location there you can find the file like
wp-config.php edit that file and change blog url

2. DNS Settings



You need to do correct DNS settings otherwise you blog won’t redirect to new wordpress url.Login googe apps then go to Godaddy(or enom) settings.
It is very simple just you need to change the naming servers in godaddy settings.It will be something like below

for Dreamhost (ensure that you got the same)

that’s all now your blogger blog successfully redirect to wordpress self hosted blog url.

Note:For url redirection maximum it will take 72 hours nowadays it is happening quickly.

3.Permalinks Problem



If Still you are not getting redirection(traffic) from search engines then you have permalink problem.Initially Blogger and wordpress permalink are different hence you need to change the blogger permalink in wordpress then only your blogger indexed pages will find correct post title in new wordpress blog.

How to achieve blogger permalinks in wordpress?

Just Login in wordpress and go to Dashboard Setting then click permalinks add your blogger permalinks in custom structure section.It will be something look this.




that’s all now all your blogger posts will be redirect to correct wordpress post url. Still you have any permalinks problem then get post url from search engines and edit the post permalinks   accordingly.

4. robots.txt file problem


Once you completed migration successfully you need to create robots file.For blogger it will be automatically created by google but here you need to created robots.txt file.In robots.txt you must allow all search engines should index your blog pages and you shouldn’t restrict sitemap too.

Once you created robots.txt file then check the file with robots.txt Checker

5.Sitemap submission problem


After that you must submit new wordpress blog sitemap to google webmaster.In wordpress it is very easy just use Google Sitemap Generator Plugin.Generate the sitemap using this plugin.

Copy and paste generate sitemap in the root domain (where you find wp-admin) and give give full permission(chmod 777 sitemap.xml) to sitemap and ensure that your sitemap is not restricted by robots.txt file.Finally you can submit it to google webmaster tool.

Now you won’t loose google page rank,search engine traffic,readers.   I hope above tips will help you to solve blogger to wordpress migration problems if you still have any problem let me know via your comments.

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  1. Hi! First of all thank you so much for this very useful help guide! I’m currently trying to transfer a custom domain blog (hosted by Go Daddy) from blogger to wordpress. I have already done the local wordpress installations, the only problem I’m having is the DNS settings. I have purchased a custom domain on Go Daddy but to change to wordpress do I have to purchase a new one with Dreamhost? Or does it just transfer for free? Can I not keep Go Daddy? I’m confused, any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thanks in advance!!

    • admin says:

      Your case and my case both are coincidence.See Even i also used blogger with custom domain(registerd with godaddy).So you only done domain name registration with godaddy and you are using google as hosting service(it is free).When you move from blogger to wordpress you should buy hosting service from some hosting service like dreamhost..etc.So monthly u have to pay $10 for hosting.And you can keep domain name as same which you already registered with godday.Every year you should pay this.

      Got it ………Still have any confusion ask me……..

      I ll help you

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