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Website traffic is more important if you like to earn money from blog or website.There are lot of techniques to increase your website traffic.And you shouldn’t ignore SEO techniques if you are expecting traffic for your blog or website.Here I like to share which techniques i used to achieve website traffic.
Blogger Blog SEO Techniques WEBSITE TRAFFIC
Before you trying following techniques backup your blog templates.
1.Page Title
Optimizing Page title is more important for blogger blog because it tells users and search engines what the topic of a particular page.Create unique and accurate

page titles for your blogger blog.
Step 1:
Go to Design ->Edit Html
Step 2:
Find Following Code
and replace the above code with following code.

A Meta tag is a hidden tag that lives in the <HEAD> of an HTML document. It is used to supply additional information about the HTML document. So use meta tag and give detail and accurate information about your blog or website.
Meta tags for blog title, description and keywords are more important. And Meta description should be unique for every page.
Insert the following Meta tags within <head></head> section. Change the following details with yours.
<metacontent=’Your blog title’name=’Title’/>

3. Optimize Images using ALT Attribute

Images are more important while you posting articles because images can impress reader or give information about article.So optimizing your blog post images also one of the most important for SEO.Use alt tag to optimize your blog images.
if you are posting your articles using windows live writer means you don’t want to do anything.If you are using blogger then add alt attribute in img tag.Always add alt attributes to images. Alt is mandatory for accessibility and for valid XHTML.

There are six sizes of heading tags, beginning with <h1>, the most
important, and ending with <h6>, the least important.So use heading tags appropriately.
5.Write better Anchor text
Anchor text is the clickable text that users will see as a result of a link, and is placed within the anchor tag <a href=”…”></a>
<ahref=”url”>This text should be accurately describes that url</a>

Note: SEO techniques not only help you to increase blog or website traffic.It will help you for better search engine results.And after implementing above techniques you won’t get traffic within one or two days It will take some time.Don’t forget to use Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics tools.If you like this article leave your comments.

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