Increase Your Blog or Website Traffic for Free

You know How many ways are there to increase website or blog traffic for free.Here I listed some best ways which i tried.I hope below ways will definitely increase your blog or website traffic.Try below techniques to increase your website traffic.
Don’t ignore few techniques like Social Networking sites,SEO techniques,Own domain and quality content.

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1 Quality Content
2 Use Social Networking Sites(Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn €¦etc)
3 SEO Techniques for Search Engine Results
4 Participating in Forums and put your website link
5 Create or Join in Communities like Mybloglog and share your website link
6 RSS Feed
7 Submit your blog or website in Free blog Submission directories like Blog Catalog,Blog Hints,OnTopList ..etc
8 Commenting on others blog and put your blog or website link there
9 Use Linkreferral(help temporarily).
10 You can use flickr for traffic.
11 Guest Post on high PR Blog or website
12 Write Some articles for Ezinearticles
13 Share your blog or website link with your friends and neighbors using email
14 Use your website link in business cards
15 Use Stumbleupon,Digg,Indianpad
16 Use Google Webmaster and submit your blog or website sitemap
17 Check your blog or website problems with validator.w3,Submitexpress
18 Google Adwords(you need to pay)
19 Update your blog regularly at least one post per day.
20 Use WordPress as blogging platform because it is No.1 Blogging platform.
21 Use Squidoo
22 Submit your blog or website to All major search engines like google,yahoo,ask
23 At least write 10 to 20 pillar post(big and more informative post)
24 Write Unique Articles and don’t always go for niche topic.
25 Use Technorati tags.
26 Create BackLinks(if article is good it will come automatically).
27 Use Youtube.
28 Link Exchange With other people.
29 Write an Ehow article.
30 Facebook Fan Page.
31 Use can you Gmail status bar.
32 Increase your blog or website page rank.
33 If possible create blog directory.
34 Don’t forget to share your experience.
35 Your blog should have good design and layout and don’t have any errors
36 If you using wordpress use smart urls using wordpress plugin and if your using blogger republish your post using good keywords because we don’t have plugin for blogger
37 Increase your blog or website loading speed using PageSpeed add-on in Mozilla
38 Link your posts internally and externally
39 Join blogs if you have more than one.
40 Advertise Online
41 Don’t forget to use feed burner and Google Analytics for traffic analysis
42 If possible link new posts with top post.
43 Do research on favorite topic and share the experience.
44 Get your own domain avoid free blogs(important)
45 Optimize images using alt tag.
46 Take a topic and teach regularly.
47 Write yourself.
48 Choose topic which is helpful right now.
49 Choose SEO friendly Blog themes.
50 Be Patient because it will take some time.
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This is Mohan Jayapalan author of TechPages Blog.I am a part time blogger and Currently working for private Software Concern.


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