How to Perform a Health Check for Your Blog Online

bloghealtchup     Here we will see how to do a health check for blog using few best websites.Following websites really helps you to check blog quality and problems.Use below sites to understand blog status,solve if any problem exist and increase blog traffic.

Google Webmaster
Use google webmaster to get data about crawling,indexing and search traffic.And you can also receive notification if any problem on your site.

This site helps you to find your blog loading speed.You can compare your blog with other blogs and check which one is loading faster.Also try Page Speed Online to analysis performance.

Using statbrain we can find out how many visits any site has so just enter your blog url then check.And it estimates the number of visits that a website has based on few factors like backlinks,Alexa rank..etc.

W3 Validator
It helps you to validate the markup validity of web documents in HTML,XHTML,SMIL,MathML..etc.You can also validate specific content like RSS,CSS Stylesheet.

Going Up
It provides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website.Use these tools and check your seo score and increase search strategies.

This online tool helps you to check link popularity of any site based on its ranking like google PageRank,Alexa Rank and Technorati etc €¦

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  1. thank you for sharing these great tips. I once started my blog as a fun thing, now it is getting more serious. This will help!

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