How to Increase Blog Traffic using Old Posts

    Bloggers main goal is to achieve good traffic for their blog if they are earning money using blog. Blog traffic is depends upon so many things like hosting, blogging platform, blog topic (niche), Unique Content, SEO, Blog Theme..etc.
Assume that your blog contains more than 300 posts and you are getting traffic from few popular posts. How to get traffic for old posts? .Here we will see how to get traffic from old posts.If you want your quality old posts to get traffic then try following methods.

1. Interlink Old Posts
Link your blog old posts with new popular posts so that it will increase page views and it will also useful to increase search engine crawl rate. If you don t want to do manually use SEO Smart Links.
2.Use Tweet Old Post
Twitter is a one of the best way to get traffic for your blog so you can try Tweet old Post WordPress plugin. It will tweet your old post based on the configured interval. I tried this method it works fine.
3. Use Related Posts
You could see most of the blogs having this. If you are using wordpress blog then try Yet another Related Posts Plugin.
4. Use Forums
Select some quality old posts then try your blog related forums or Yahoo Answers kind of sites and add that old post link to corresponding topic discussion page.
5. SEO optimization
Wordpress is your blogging platform I hope you must have any one of the following Plugins. Try tips from yoast

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