How to Find Blog Traffic Problems

Even if you have a good content for your blog but still blog traffic is not increasing then there are some reasons which may really affect your blog traffic.Here I would like to share my experience which I faced for my blog.Some times few strange things may impact your blog or website traffic.
How to find blog traffic Problems
Free WordPress Themes Problem
                            If you are using free wordpress theme for your blog that need to check your themes to ensure that it doesn’t contain any malicious code.TAC(Theme Authenticity Checker)plugin searches the source files of all already installed themes to find signs of potentially malicious code and it also searched static links which is make a link to some other spam or unfriendly blog or site.
If you are a part time blogger and you aren’t ready to spend more money for premium themes then try free premium themes alternative.

SEO and Other Problems

                      SEO is an another important factor for blog traffic.If you blog has poor seo then it is not possible to  increase traffic.Our old post about SEO tips for better blog traffic help you to implement better seo your blog.And you have blog speed or theme related problem then check with tools mentioned in this post How to Perform Health Check for your blog.

Content Theft
                      Another common problem for bloggers is content theft.Some blogger’s are simply coping content from another famous blog instead doing research for their blog content.RSS Content Theft is nothing but a automatically publishing content from another popular blog using rss feed subscription.
If you are facing this problem then try our post about How to File DMCA against Spam Blog.
I hope above tips really help you to find out blog traffic problems if you know some other tips please share via below comments.

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