How to Compare Your Blog or Website Traffic,Loading Speed with Other Websites

Comparison is sometimes good and sometimes bad.It is also one of the best way find the problems.Usually bloggers are having habit to compare their blog traffic and loading speed with other blogs.Here we will see how to compare you website or  blog  traffic with your relevant blogs.Hence it will help you to find the problems in your blog.

Compete is most popular website to give online performance of any websites.You can use compete to compare two or more websites traffic.This is the most commonly used website to compare other websites.For example
Check and website comparison.


Google Trends
You can also use google trends to compare website traffic of any websites.

How to Compare Loading Speed of 2 Websites?
Whichloadsfaster is one of the best website help us to compare loading speed of two websites.It has very simple user interface and no registration required.Just type two blogs or websites name and click go it will show the loading speed difference in percentage.


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