How to Add Pages Gadget To Your blog

Blogger introduced useful feature for blog users. Earlier creating static pages is difficult in blog but now blogger introduced Pages Gadget for bloggers. Usually Most of the templates don t have tab creation feature. Tabs are very useful to display static pages like about, contact me pages.
Using this pages gadget we can display tab bar or sidebar list items.
Here we will see how to create Pages gadget for your blog.
1. . Go to your blog layout.

2. Select Pages gadget from the list

3. Add the Pages gadget to your layout

4. Go to Posting tab then click edit pages link.And create new page what you want.

5.Home Page
6.About Page
6. We can see tab view or sidebar list in above screen shots.If Pages gadget is under header means it will act as a tab otherwise it is a list items.
7. We also rearrange the menu items using drag and drop feature.
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