How to Add Adsense banner in Blogger Blog Header

Adsense is a fast and easy way for website publishers earn money online. So everyone is looking for placing the ads in right location. I hope placing adsense banner inside the BlogSpot header is very good place.

I tried the same for past few days and I found the solutions. Here I like to share the same for you. Adding adsense banner ads (leader board) in blog header definitely increases your adsense earning. Here we will see how to achieve that technique.
Step 1:
First backup your template.
Step 2:
Split you blog header into two header parts.
I am going to explain with my template so make changes according to your template. My blog header width is 980.
Header section is the default section and makes one more section like header2.
You can achieve the same by adding the following code at bottom of your header section. See below.
#header2 {
width:728px;  // 728 width for adsense leaderboard.468 for banner as you wish.
My blog header width is 980 = 728(header2) + 252(header1)
Next you copy the following code

Paste Like this

Save your template then you will find the new header section at right side of your blog header section.

Step 3:
In header section1 adsense your header image. And In header section 2 add your adsense code (leader board or banner).
I hope you are clear. If you like this post is most useful give your comments.
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    hi, my blog have also webnolia template but I can't do two section of my plz help me.

  2. It is very easy …try above post…let me know where you exactly face the problem

  3. i have done this.. but i didn’t get two sections in page elements.. still same

  4. admin says:

    explain in detail..I will solve that problem

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