Fix for "Invalid variable declaration in page skin: Variable is used but not defined. Input:" Problem

Here we are going to see about one of the blogger strange error.Few days before i was made some changes in my blogger templates.Yes I was planning to improve my blog page loading speed so that i was uploaded my css portion as a separate file in google sites website.It was working fine in all browsers but in firefox i got layout problem so that i was revert back my old template.
blogger_logo When i was revert back my old template i got the above error.Yes blogger was not taking my old template it was always shown above error.This kind of problem i didn’t face earlier.

Even i searched in google also some bloggers are suggested that we need to remove variable or we should define that variable.I tried but i got problems in blog color.
Even i don’t know it is blogger problem or my template problem.But     finally i fixed this problem that might be reason here i am going to share my experience with you.
If you face this same problem and it is not solvable by you then you can choose one of the blogger default template from blogger then save it after that you can delete this template and upload your (template which you are using )template.
I tried this method now i am not facing this error.Try let me your result via   your comments.

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