File DMCA Against Blogger BlogSpot Spam Blog Recover Blog Traffic

How to File DMCA Complaint against Blogger BlogSpot Spam Blog

Of Course Content theft is not a new issue that most of the bloggers are already facing this issue for their blogs even me too.Yes I faced this kind of problem for this blog.

My blog content are stolen by spam BlogSpot blog through RSS feed that spam blog copied blog content €œas-is € from my blog rss feed.
When I Checked back links for my blog i could see lots from this spam blog then             i found that they are doing auto blogging(it means that blogging automatically from rss feeds using someone else blog content)   using my content.

If I click my post title in that blog first it will go to advertisement page then it comes to my blog original post content page.And they are earning some money using my content.I was tried to contact that scraper blog owner but i didn t get any info like email address,no comment section,social networking site account address then concluded DMCA is a one of the best option to solve this problem.How to solve this problem using DMCA Compliant?.Check below steps.

Step 1: Contact Ad Network used by Spam Blog.

First I reported to concerned advertisement company and I raised complaint against this blog.Check below.


After 24 hours again I remind them regarding this and they had suspended spam blog owner account immediately.After that If I click post link in reported blog it directly goes to my blog post instead of ad page so i achieved first level of success.

Step 2: How to File DMCA Compliant Against Blogger BlogSpot Blog
DMCA Compliant is the correct and best solution for this kind of problems.Go to this link File DMCA Complaint against Blogger BlogSpot Blog.Fill the form like below



If you have more urls to report then go to Google webmaster section there you find all linked urls from Links to your site section so first download the all the links from GWT then copy and paste the links in above form.
Fill the form carefully because here you need to give correct details.Once you submitted the above form the you will get confirmation email like below.

Confirmation email

Once they have removed all the reported urls from reported blog again you will get email like below

DMCA Reply mail

Step 3: How to Protect your blog from RSS Content theft(Auto Blogging)?

It s very simple if you are using wordpress platform just go to Dashboard   €“> Setting change the rss setting like below.

Wordpress Setting for RSS Feed
Step 4: Add Free Warning Banner

Once you have done above steps then go to Copyscape site get free warning banner code then add the same into your blog or website.Now your blog will be safe for next Google panda update.
                                      Mostly free Blogger BlogSpot blogs are involved in this kind of activities if BlogSpot blog is copied your content then your job will be easy because if your complaint is valid Google will immediately take action against that blog within10 days.
This is my experience in rss content theft and recently i recovered my blog using above steps.I hope this post will be useful for you if you have any questions please let me know via your comments.

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