Don’t Panic About Few Google Webmaster Problems

Google webmaster is a most useful tool for bloggers.Submitting your blog sgooglewebmasttoolitemap to Google webmaster will help google search engine to find all pages of your blog.Sometimes you can see few abnormal status for your blog in webmaster.Here we will see few google webmaster errors which you don’t want to panic.

 Duplicate Meta descriptions.
If you are using same meta description
for your all blog posts then you will get this problem.It is not a big problem it won’t prevent your blog in search   engine results but if you solve this problem then your blog will become more seo friendly.If you are using blogger check this post how to add unique meta description for your blog.After you modified as per this post,need to wait for few days and you can see number of duplicate meta description will reduce slowly finally you can see in  Google  webmaster tools duplicate meta descriptions  = 0.

URLs in Web Index
Few days before google webmaster had shown in sitemap section URLs in web index = 1. I shocked when I saw that status out of 378 urls it had shown only 1 indexed page but I didn’t face any problem in my blog traffic and I could see all indexed pages in google search using this query site: suspect this problem might because of meta tag change.Yes Few days before I changed my blog meta tag but after one week google webmaster is showing URLs in web index = 369.Even I am not sure it might be because of meta tag change.So you don’t to want to worry about this google webmaster tools problem it will solve automatically with in few days(based on your blog crawl rate).

Restricted by robots.txt
Google won’t index your blogspot blog   category or label section.If your using category or label in your blog home page you can see this error Restricted by robots.txt = some value.So you don’t want to worry about this error it is expected behavior only.
If you faced some more problems let me know via your comments.

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