Display Google Adsense below Post Title in WordPress blog INove Theme

If you are using Google adsense then choosing right place to displaying ads   in more important otherwise you will get low CTR.Most of the bloggers are doing this mistake.Displaying ads below the post title is one of the most important technique.

googleadsense I already written a post about adsense techniques.Here we will see how to display adsense below post title in wordpress blog with INove theme.And this post will help for other wordpress blogs also.It is very simple just two step you need to perform.

Step1: First you need to generate adsense code after that go to theme files and find single.php file.

Step2:Find the code like below in single.php


Place the generated adsense code below the above line that’s all.Now you can see ads in below post title.

For other wordpress blogs find the code like below


Place the adsense code after the above line.You can also try wordpress plugins like Adsense Manager.

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    Nice post!
    If you needs to get the iNove’s sidebar smaller, just read the following article – http://dotnetfollower.com/wordpress/2010/12/get-the-smaller-sidebar-of-inove-theme/

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