Comparison: WordPress Vs Blogger Vs Tumblr Blogging Platforms

If you are going to start new Blog then definitely you may have a question like Which Blogging platform is best for Blogging? You know each platform is good in some areas like Maintenance cost, user friendly, Earning Money…etc.

                                                        We already compared  Blogger  vs WordPress in few areas like SEO, Blog traffic, Themes, Customization and few more aspects.

                                                        Recently Compete site has compared three major Blogging platforms WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr in few main parameters like Unique Visitors, Visits on Blog sites, Page Views on Blog sites, and Attention on Blog sites.

                                                      Also check below link for How Tumblr Blogging platform fairs against the larger, more established blogging networks WordPress and Blogger. Comparison Blogger WordPress  

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