Check Your Website with Following Tools and Increase Your Blog or Website Traffic[ SEO Techniques]

You have a website and your are posting regularly still you are not getting decent traffic for your blog or website then you need to do health checkup for your website.Everyone knows 90% of the traffic are from search engines especially Google.Hence we need to make our website as SEO friendly website.Increase Website Traffic
Here I listed some tools which will be really useful for identifying problems in your websites.

Google Webmasters
Google webmaster is a best tool from Google to check your website problems.Using webmaster tools we can identify following problems.
1.Crawl Errors.
2.HTML Problems.
3.Site Performance problems.

4.Malware Problems.
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Add your blog or website to Google webmaster tool and check any one of the above problem exist in your website.Hence solve if problem persist and increase your blog or website traffic.

Google Webmasters

2.Keyword Tools
Keywords are most important for increasing website traffic.It will matched to specific pages of your website with your ad and search share.Simply enter a key term and this tool will query information from several Google searches, which it will use to determine popular and re-occurring terms used by websites in the same industry.
Use following free keyword tool for your website.

Google Adwords also try

Google Insights Search

3.Meta Tag Analyser,Link Popularity Tools
Meta tags won’t make ultimate changes for your blog or website traffic but it will change your website as SEO friendly so search engine will index your page more easily.These meta tags will give detailed information about your blog or website.use following tools to analysis your meta tags and link popularity.


4.HTML CSS Problems
If you using blogger blog then you must check your website theme because html,css problems will affect while search engine indexing your website .Check your blog or website html and css problems with following website.

W3 Validator

5.Web Page Speed
Web page loading time also one of the important factor for better indexing and increase page rank.Usually it will be because of unnecessary third party widgets and html,css problems in your blog or website.Hence we need to check our web page loading time with following tools.
Webpage Speed Analysis

Page Speed also try
Host Tracker
I hope above tools will help you for finding the website problems and increase blog or website know some more best tools let me know via comments.

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