Best Free Widgets for Your Blog or Website

Widgets are playing major role in blog or website design.And widgets are simplifying our work for website design.Here i listed some best widgets which will   be most useful for website design.Check below widgets Bestfreewidgetsand integrate these widgets to your blog or websites.Choose the widgets which is relevant to your blog or website.

1. Live Traffic Feed Widget for Your Blog
Live Traffic Feed Widget is a one of the most important widget for blog or website.It will show the visitors with their locations.Check below link for best live traffic feed widget.
Live Traffic Feed Widget for Your Blog.

2.Social Networking Share button
Social Networking websites are more important for increasing blog or website traffic.especially twitter and facebook websites are best social networking sites.
Check below link for best Social Networking Share buttons.

3.Tweet Button
You can add tweet button to your blog or website from twitter official website.

How to Add Tweet Button to Your Blog/Website also try

4.Facebook Widgets
Add facebook widgets like like button,activity feed,recommendations,comments plugin…etc. using facebook official website.
Check below link for facebook widgets.

5.Wibiya Toolbar
Wibiya’s Web Toolbar is the Perfect Solution for Your blog or website.Wibiya toolbar contains all the widgets like twitter,facebook sharing,youtube,visitor count…etc.
Check below link for wibiya toolbar
Wibiya Toolbar


6. Subscribe via Email & Readers Count
Subscribe via email and readers count widgets are most important widgets for blog or website.Feed burner from Google offering these widgets for free.
Otherwise you can also try following link

7.Reader’s face
Want to know who is reading your blog or website? Just add reader face widget from MyBloglog website.
Check below link.
Note: Adding unnecessary widgets to your blog or website will decrease website loading speed.I hope above widgets are most useful widgets.
If you know some other useful widgets let me know via comments.

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