5 WordPress Plugins May Impress Your Blog Visitors

We already shared about Must have WordPress plugins for blog traffic.Here you will find some more useful which may impress your blog visitors.Of Course adding more plugins definitely increase blog loading time check our post about How to decrease blog loading time but if you are already getting some decent blog or website traffic then adding this plugins definitely increase blog page views.
Impress visitors and Increase Blog Pageviews
Wp Greet Box
                                      If you like to give greeting message for your blog visitors then this plugin will be useful for you.You can give different greeting messages for different popular sites like twitter,Digg,facebook.You may ask them to tweet the post,like the post or digg the post.And you can also set default greeting message for new visitors suggesting them to subscribe your blog rss feed.

Download Wp Greet Box

Outbrain is an another amazing wordpress plugin for your blog.This plugin will suggest your best blog content at the foot of your article in thumbnail image with link format.Same you can see above footer of this blog.Of course it will definitely increase your blog pageviews.

Download Outbrain Plugin

                                  Search engines expects easy navigation for any blog or website.Use yoast Breadcrumbs to achieve better navigation for your blog hence visitors can easily find rest of the posts of the category.You can find the same on above of this post title.

Download Breadcrumbs

Smooth Slider
                            You can also impress visitors using smooth slider plugin.Using this plugin you may create featured content with image slideshow.So it will also increase your blog pageviews.

Download Smooth Slider.

                                      It will also increase user experience better navigation for your visitors.And it will be useful for seo point of view also.You can paginate post comments also.

Download WP-Paginate

Try above plugins and double your blog pageviews.If you know some more plugins to impress visitors please share via your comments.And Don’t forget How to do Health Checkup for your blog.

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