5 Common Mistakes May Reduce Your Blog Traffic

Here I listed some common mistakes may be the reasons for reducing your blog traffic.Whenever you do the following actions ensure that you have done correctly and it is not creating any problems.Some of the below mentioned problems I faced in my blog.

How to Increase Blog Traffic fast By Avoiding Common Mistakes

Pillar Posts
                                      Pillar posts are most important for blog traffic.We don’t want to write pillar post always it may not be possible also but at least 3:1 ratio is enough like 3 small posts and 1 pillar posts.If   you always writing the posts which is less then 500 words then you won’t get decent traffic for your blog.

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Theme Customization
Whenever you are trying to customize your blog theme,take backup before you start customization because during theme customization if you have done any code related mistake then it will impact on blog traffic.

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Unwanted Plugins
                                          If you are using wordpress blog then Don’t use plugins which is not important because unwanted plugins also create lot problems like plugin code related problem,it will increase blog loading time so seo impact,wordpress version compatibility..,etc So only use plugins which is really required for your blog niche and suggested by most popular bloggers.And Don’t use plugins which will do same thing for example All in SEO,Wordpress SEO by Yoast plugins for SEO you can either use ALL in SEO pack or WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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Changing Permalinks

Another important point is don’t keep on change your permalink.Of course permalinks are most important for blog but if always changing your blog permalink then it will create so many problems like 404 Error(old permalinks post title) Even we have Permalink Migration Plugin also always changing permalink is not a good practice.Every popular bloggers will suggest different permalink don’t keep on change your blog permalink select one best permalink for your blog.

Solve Google Webmasters Blog Related Problems

                                                      This is really a wonderful tool from google.If you have a blog or website First step is verify your blog with google webmaster so you can see any blog related problem here and try to solve those problems as soon as possible.Google webmaster is a best tool to track your blog related problems.

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If you know some more blogging mistakes please share your points via comments.

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