X-Ray Augmented Reality(AR) App Boosts Retailer Sale

Moosejaw is an online retailer specialized in outdoor recreation and snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and camping.

Moosejaw.com released an Augmented reality application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that allow users to see the winter clothing featured in its catalog.
Male and female models are shown stripped down to their under-layers when the app is positioned over catalog pages, as shown in the video below.

It is one of the most inventive and downloaded augmented reality. App increased the retailer sales more than 35%   compared to previously.

Technically it is not X-Ray application. In   Augmented reality, we can show any action such as 3D images, video on detection of the marker. Here Winter clothes act as a marker, on detection the winter clothes are overlapped by innerware clothes.

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