[Infographic] Apple vs Leading Fortune Company

Apple recently released it’s financial result for the quarter. High level look at how its first-quarter cash, profits, revenue and market capitalization.

Apple s cash queue of $97.6 billion :

-More than 8 times of Boeing ($11.3 billion).

-More than 2 times of Google s cash ($44.6 billion).

-Has enough to buy Dell, Yahoo, Motorola Mobility, Activision Blizzard, Best Buy and Netflix together, all at a 10% premium.

-Higher than the market capitalizations of all but 52 publicly traded companies in the world

Apple s revenue of $46.33 billion :

-More than the individual gross domestic profit of 105 countries, according to the latest 2010 numbers from World Bank.

-Same as the GDP of Tunisia or Slovenia, as well as the combined islands of Jamaica, Iceland, The Bahamas, Haiti, St.   Lucia, Maldives, Antigua/Barbuda and Grenada.

-More than the quarterly revenue of the 5 largest U.S. airlines (United Continental, Delta, US Airways, American Airlines, and Southwest) combined.

Apple s income of $13.06 billion is:

-Same as the latest quarterly profits of tech giants Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Intel combined.

-More than Google s revenue of $10.6 billion

-About 621 times Mitt Romney s $21 million of income in 2010.

-Nearly 5 times the income of Major League Baseball player in 2011.

Apple s market capitalization of $416.38 billion on Wednesday is:

-is just short of Exxon-Mobil, long the largest company in the world, whose market cap ended Wednesday at $419.26 billion.

-Same as two Wal-Marts or five Amazon.com or 10 eBays or 20 Time Warner Cables.

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