How to Create Exe file or Installer for Adobe Flex Desktop(Adobe Air) Applications Using Flash Builder

flex         Packaging or Creating exe file for Adobe Desktop applications is easy using Adobe Flash Builder 4 because it has inbuilt support for exe creation.
How to Create exe file for Adobe Flex Desktop or Windows Applications
                      Select the project then Go to File menu and click Export then choose Release Build.


Select the Export to Native Installer then specify the exe file name


Create the certificate for Adobe Air Application.

  Click Next then You can see exe file is created in given path.
If you are facing any problem let me know via your comments.

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  1. karthik kannan says:

    plz help me guys…

    i converted as Air file.. i downloaded that Air file. but i cant to open it becoz i dont have
    Air installer.. what i want is, i need one pop up that shows u have to install a Air installer,
    when i try to open the exe file. after clicking that ok button in that pop up, the Air installer
    will generate automatically.

  2. Hi,

    I could not find the option “Export to Native Installer” in the “Export Release Build” Wizard.
    How will I enable it in the wizard.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. pavan says:

    HI Thanks for tutorial,i am followed same steps and created air executable file but i got an error while installing air “The file is damaged”

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