Eclipse Export Jar for Java with Spring Standalone Application

Instead of creating jar file using command line we can easily achieve the same using eclipse built in feature. Today we will see how to export standalone java application as jar using eclipse export feature. I have faced some problem when export jar  for Java with Spring Standalone Application.After few attempts finally i achieved it using below steps. […]

Useful Java Utility Classes

Java is a good language for web development. It’s mature and most big companies use java. Here we will see the list of Java Utility Classes which are useful in your java development. Java Utils Package 1.Arrays 2.Collections  Apache Classes Apache provides lots of useful classes those are helpful in fast java development.When you are fixing sonar […]

MongoDB Tips and Tricks for Developers

We know MongoDB is a most popular NoSQL database and open-source document database. It also has lots of useful features here we will how to use this effectively. Following tips are really useful for MongoDB developers. RoboMongo – MongoDB Client Are you looking for a MongoDB Client? Just download Robo Mongo.It is available for all popular […]

Maven Build Tool Tips and Tricks

Maven is an one of the most popular build tools and i have used in most of my projects.It has lots of amazing features and integration support with different plugins. Here we will the collection of useful maven tips which will be useful during developing a  project. 1. How to Configure Proxy Setting for Maven When […]

Configure Unit Test Coverage in SonarQube from Maven Project

We know SonarQube(previously known as “Sonar”) is excellent tool to manage code quality. If you have maven project let’s see how to configure unit test execution in SonarQube from Maven Project. Previously we used following command now it changed to mvn clean install mvn sonar:sonar to mvn clean org.jacoco:jacoco-maven-plugin:prepare-agent install -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true mvn sonar:sonar And add […]

Useful Free Software’s for Java Project Development

Continuation of our previous article Useful tools for Java developers let’s see some more java project development software’s which will save your development time and completing the work before deadline. Also check Best Java Websites Category wise. Jenkins                      Jenkins is a continuous integration tool which helps you to […]

Rest Client Chrome Extensions

Let’s see few rest client chrome extensions while are helpful for your development.  As continuation of Useful and must have Google Chrome extension posts. Postman – Rest Client Postman Rest Client is the most efficient way to test, develop rest implementation.You can easily create simple or complex requests, go back in time and view results in a […]

SSL Certificate Configuration in JBoss Application

Here we will see How to configure SSL Certificate in JBoss Application server. You can use valid verisign ssl certificate or you can also use self signed certificate which is created by you.To enable in SSL in JBoss as usual you have to edit the standalone.xml configuration file to achieve the same. Just follow the below […]

How to Configure log4j in Jboss 7

In the continuation of JBoss posts here we will see How to use log4j in JBoss server. This Application server comes with default built in features like logging,  rest services ..etc but sometimes we need to use our own configuration instead of default one for more customization purpose in this case we need to switch off […]

JBoss Gzip Compression Configuration

If you are using JBoss application server in your application here let’s see How to optimize your application using compression techniques. As part of performance optimization Gzip compression helps your application or site load  faster. Compression of your HTML and CSS files with gzip typically saves around fifty to seventy percent of the file size.Here we […]